Canvas Conference 2019

Closing the curtain on our award winning digital product conference for the eighth time.

Canvas is a community run by and for product people. We connect makers with makers to share insider stories from the world of digital products, delivering actionable insights to help product designers, developers and managers elevate their craft. Since 2011, our award-winning one day event, Canvas Conference, has been welcoming product makers from all over the country to hear from industry leaders.

On Thursday 10 October 2019, at the REP theatre in Birmingham, we were joined by speakers from Rightmove, IF, National Express, Citymapper, Virgin Atlantic, BBC Voice + AI, Busy Bees, Octopus Energy and Future Learn. Each speaker shared a story about how things were being done in their team, the problems and challenges they were facing and how they were overcoming them.

We were super excited to partner with Trees for Cities for Canvas 2019. They do amazing work contributing to the regeneration of our urban communities and bringing some much-needed greenery to our towns and cities.

The line up

Host //  Yessi Bello Perez, The Next Web

RightMove // Melanie McKay, Consumer Product Lead, and Odeya Noble-Bougay, Head of Design and UX,

Projects by IF // Ella Fitzsimmons, Head of Narrative

Virgin Atlantic // Martyn Reding, Head of Digital Experience

National Express // Rob Muir, Chief Digital Officer

Citymapper // Stephanie Donald, UX Designer

BBC Voice + AI // Lisa Vigar, Senior Product Manager

Busy Bees // Yvonne Smillie, Deputy Chief Academic Officer & Leon Barrett, Product Director at 383

Octopus Energy // Rebecca Dib Simkin, Product & Marketing Director

Future Learn // Lucy Blackwell, Chief Experience Officer

The power of language

A clear, if unplanned, theme came across in many of the talks around the power of language and its role in product development, from UX writing, to tone of voice, to translating terminology across different departments.

Martyn, Virgin Atlantic, talked about the shared glossary they have developed. Lisa, BBC Voice + AI, told us about the importance of simplicity when designing products for children. Ella, Projects by IF, summarised the importance of storytellers in the product team and the vital role they play in connecting the dots. Rob, National Express talked about positioning project risk to the board to ensure buy-in. Rebecca, Octopus Energy, gave us a great insight into how they use the most simple language to convey things to their customers – a refreshing change to the normal complexity of the energy sector. Yvonne, Busy Bees, talked about how important it was that their app echoed the voice and tone of their company.

Missed out on the action this time round? Find out what’s in store for Canvas this year.

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