Outcome vs. output thinking

How outcome vs. output thinking can help product teams build the right thing.

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For product teams, it's all too easily get caught up in building outputs instead of achieving outcomes.

383 Snapshots is a series of bite size webinar sessions delivered in 30 minutes and hosted by experts in product, design, engineering and strategy.

We share insights into the tools, processes and techniques we use to help our clients solve problems with powerful products, alongside actionable insights into how you can cultivate a product mindset at your organisation.

This time, we’re looking at outcome thinking and how it can help product teams build the right thing. Hosted by our Senior Product ManagerRoss Harper, this session will cover:

  • What outcome thinking is and how to define outcomes
  • How to move from outcomes to action
  • How to monitor progress and work out if you’ve achieved your outcomes

This webinar will be especially relevant for strategy, design and product teams who:

  • Struggle to manage and prioritise feature requests from senior stakeholders
  • Feel there’s a lack of alignment between business objectives and user needs
  • Need to maximise impact with limited resources or investment

You've got to be really clear on who your users are, what changes you seek to see in their world that will make their lives better, and how your product can play a part in that.

Ross Harper,

Senior Product Manager, 383

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